My research focuses on climate adaptation and urban resilience, in particular thermal and air quality performance of buildings and neighborhoods, occupant behavior modeling, and green infrastructure. In my work, I explore human-building interactions under environmental pressures from a data-driven perspective, utilizing modeling and information visualization tools with the objective of understanding how to improve conditions for vulnerable populations.

CUSSH: Complex Urban Systems for Sustainability and Health

As a Research Fellow at UCL, I am actively involved in the CUSSH project. CUSSH is an international multi-year effort that aims at helping cities around the world to achieve population health and environmental sustainability. My role within CUSSH includes the development and application of models to assess the impact on environmental parameters and support policy decision-making.

More information about the project can be found at: CUSSH

ClimaCare: Climate Resilience of Care Settings

ClimaCare addresses the challenge of adapting UK care settings to climate change and summertime overheating. My focus within ClimaCare is on modeling and analysis of building thermal performance, with the aim to identify effective strategies to reduce current and future heat risks for older populations.

More information about the project can be found at: ClimaCare  

Past Projects