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Under Preparation

I. Tsoulou, S. Kim, G. Mainelis and J. Senick (under preparation in 2019). “A Review of Evidence-Based Interventions to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Low-Income Housing.”

I. Tsoulou, C. J. Andrews, R. He, G. Mainelis and J. Senick (under preparation in 2019). “The Trade-off Between Thermal and Air Quality Conditions in Senior Low-Income Residences.”


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Conferences/Peer Reviewed

I. Tsoulou, J. Senick, C. J. Andrews, G. Mainelis, R. He and H. C. Putra (2019). “Heat Waves and Seniors in Public Housing: A Social-Ecological Exploration in an Urban Context.” In the 12th International Forum on Urbanism, Beyond Resilience, June 27-29, 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Book Chapters

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Technical Reports

Twenty Questions About Design Behavior for Sustainability, Report of the International Expert Panel on Behavioral Science for Design, New York, 2019.

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